Ami Pykovski, President

Ami Pykovski brings energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to his work. His attitude and commitment to service excellence helped him rapidly gain industry recognition. Add to that the tremendous energy he brings to marketing and new business development, and you have an invaluable member for any real estate investment team.

Ami credits a lot of his success to taking the time to learn about his client's business. This enables him to form a partnership with each client and results in the most complete and effective customer service possible. So it is no wonder that Ami’s first priority is to always remain committed to representing his client's best interests. Ami always has a pulse on the market, knows where and when the new product is coming online, where the real market soft spots are, what incentives each buyer or seller has to make a deal and what is most important to each party in a transaction. Ami makes a point of knowing what terms would they prefer to not give in on and what items will remain more flexible.

Ami’s wide-ranging experience, first as a professional soccer player, then as a successful entrepreneur of over 20 years in the clothing industry, quickly brought him to the attention of the Frank Menlo family. It is no wonder that Ami garnered as a client Century Quality Real Estate, which manages the over $1 billion in Menlo real estate assets. Within his first year as a licensed real estate broker, Ami negotiated over $100 million in real estate transactions (see the Past Transactions section of the Web site).

If what you need is someone recognized for his integrity, honest hard work, and determination to satisfy his client's real estate needs, then what you need is Ami Pykovski on your team.